Request a Field Service Visit

Our field service staff works closely with OSIsoft development, training, and technical support teams to bring unique experience and knowledge of the OSIsoft product line to the customer site. Most of our field service staff are Microsoft Certified Professionals. OSIsoft offers on-site field support at your facility to help you get started quickly and easily using your new OSIsoft software.

Contact the Account Manager or the Support Manager in your area for information about an on-site visit and see the available On-site Field Service Packages below for information on the types of services offered.

Contacts for Field Service

Australia and New Zealand
Europe and Middle East
US and Carribean
US and San Leandro
US and Philadelphia

On-site Field Service Packages

This is a list of brochures in PDF format listing the deliverables, on-site check, limitations (if any), timeline, requirements, suggested prerequistite package (if any), and on-site package included with an OSIsoft field service visit. If you have any questions regarding on-site field service visits, contact the Customer Service and Support Manager in your area. See the contacts listed above.

Standard Field Service Packages
Interactive Installation and Instructional Sessions