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PIServersChanged Event

Event is raised when the object or one of its sub-objects is changed.

Namespace:  OSIsoft.AF.PI
Assembly:  OSIsoft.AFSDK (in OSIsoft.AFSDK.dll) Version:
public event EventHandler<AFChangedEventArgs> Changed


Type: SystemEventHandlerAFChangedEventArgs



A Changed event is raised when an object is changed or one of its sub-objects is changed. This is normally caused by a modification to the object. It could also be raised as result of checking in changes (IAFTransactable.CheckIn), checking out to make changes (IAFTransactable.CheckOut), or undoing a check out (IAFTransactable.UndoCheckOut). A PISystem.Refresh or AFDatabase.Refresh can also raise a Changed events for each change detected that was made by another application.

For more information about the information provided by the Changed event, see AFChangedEventArgs and AFChangeAction.

For an example of how to handle events, see Event Example.
Version Information


Supported in: 2.10.5, 2.10, 2.9.5, 2.9, 2.8.5, 2.8, 2.7.5, 2.7, 2.6, 2.5
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