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PIPointListUnloadAttributes Method

Unload PIPoint attributes from the cache for each PIPoint in the list.

Namespace:  OSIsoft.AF.PI
Assembly:  OSIsoft.AFSDK (in OSIsoft.AFSDK.dll) Version:
public void UnloadAttributes(
	params string[] names


Type: SystemString
The list of PIPoint attribute names to be unloaded loaded. The PICommonPointAttributes class contains some of the common PIPoint attribute names.
The PIPoint attributes for the specified list of names are unloaded from the client's cache. This method is used to free memory when PIPoint attributes are no longer needed, but the PIPoint is still being used.
Version Information


Supported in: 2.10.5, 2.10, 2.9.5, 2.9, 2.8.5, 2.8, 2.7.5, 2.7, 2.6, 2.5
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