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OSIsoft.AF.Analysis Namespace

The OSIsoft.AF.Analysis namespace provides a set of classes for creating, scheduling, and executing analyses.
Public classCode exampleAFAdjustment
The AFAdjustment defines a modification made to an AFAttribute value used during within an analysis in case run.
Public classCode exampleAFAdjustments
This is a collection of AFAdjustment objects made to an AFAttribute value used during the run of a case.
Public classCode exampleAFAnalyses
The collection of AFAnalysis objects is maintained by the AFDatabase.
Public classCode exampleAFAnalysis
The AFAnalysis is used to execute an analysis on a set of data values for a Target.
Public classAFAnalysisException
AFAanlysisException Class used for analysis errors and warnings during configuration or run time
Public classAFAnalysisInputRange
Defines input data ranges information for an input on AFAnalysisRule.
Public classAFAnalysisRule
The AFAnalysisRule defines the information needed for an analysis of the data within a case, and executes that analysis.
Public classAFAnalysisRuleIsModelAnalysisRuleAttribute
Attribute used on an AFAnalysisRule to indicate that it only supports an analysis on an AFModel target.
Public classAFAnalysisRuleSupportsChildAnalysisRuleAttribute
Attribute used on an AFAnalysisRule to indicate that it supports child analysis rules to be created under it.
Public classAFAnalysisRuleConfiguration
The AFAnalysisRuleConfiguration object is populated by an analysis rule to describe the inputs and outputs the analysis rule needs to run.
Public classAFAnalysisRuleInputDefinition
Defines an input to an AFAnalysisRule.
Public classAFAnalysisRuleOutputDefinition
Defines an output from an AFAnalysisRule.
Public classAFAnalysisRuleResolvedInput
Class for exposing the input that will be used in calculation
Public classAFAnalysisRuleResolvedOutput
Class for exposing the output that will be used in a calculation
Public classCode exampleAFAnalysisRules
The collection of AFAnalysisRule objects is maintained by the an AFAnalysisRule.
Public classAFAnalysisRuleState
A reference implementation of IAFAnalysisRuleState for passing target-specific state to an AFAnalysisRule.
Public classAFAnalysisRuleVariableDefinitions
The AFAnalysisRuleConfiguration object is populated by an analysis rule to describe the inputs and outputs the analysis rule needs to run.
Public classAFAnalysisService
The AFAnalysisService object is used to provide information and perform operations on the analysis service associated with the owning PISystem.
Public classAFAnalysisServiceRuntimeFieldValue
Public classCode exampleAFAnalysisTemplate
The AFAnalysisTemplate represents a template of information used to create an AFAnalysis.
Public classCode exampleAFAnalysisTemplates
The collection of AFAnalysisTemplate objects is maintained by the AFDatabase.
Public classAFAttributeVariable
The AFAttributeVariable defines an attribute variable used in an analysis rule.
Public classAFAttributeVariableMap
Attribute variable mapping class.
Public classAFAttributeVariables
The AFAttributeVariables represents a collection of AFAttributeVariable objects.
Public classCode exampleAFCase
The AFCase is used by an AFAnalysis to store the data results of an analysis.
Public classAFCaseCancelEventArgs
Provides data for the before AFCase action events.
Public classAFCaseEventArgs
Provides data for the after AFCase action events.
Public classAFCaseLog Obsolete.
The AFCaseLog is used to store the information about validating or running a case's analysis.
Public classCode exampleAFModelAnalysis
The AFModelAnalysis is used to execute an analysis on a set of data values for a Target that is an AFModel.
Public classCode exampleAFResult
An AFResult represents the result of a model analysis for a specific attribute specified by the Attribute property.
Public classCode exampleAFResults
The collection of AFResult objects for an attribute created during the run of a case is maintained by the AFCase.
Public classAFVariableMap
The variable mapping configuration for an AFAnalysisRule.
Public classAFVariableMappingData
Immutable type that defines a attribute that can be used in an analysis.
Public structureAFInputCountData
Encapsulates information about required input value count before and after a time such as the trigger time.
Public structureAFInputRangeData
Encapsulates information about required time range for data.
Public interfaceIAFAnalysisRuleState
Defines the interface for running an analysis against the state object. The analysis rule Run method utilizes this object to maintain state between evaluations.
Public interfaceIAFLocalizedErrorProvider
An interface for a method that returns localized string for analysis rule plugin error
Public enumerationAFAnalysisCalculationType
The calculation type of an analysis.
Public enumerationAFAnalysisError
Analysis error codes to be use with AFAnaysisException for configuration and run time exceptions Error codes are used to map to resource strings
Public enumerationAFAnalysisErrorSeverity
Public enumerationAFAnalysisInputType
The AFAnalysisInputType is an enumeration of the possible input types an AFAnalysisRule can define. It specified when constructing a AFAnalysisRuleInputDefinition instance and returned by the AFAnalysisRuleInputDefinition.InputType property. The AFAnalysisInputType is used to decide how to populate the IAFAnalysisRuleState.Inputs collection on the IAFAnalysisRuleState instance passed to AFAnalysisRule.Run.
Public enumerationAFAnalysisOutputType
Output type of AFAnalysis rule
Public enumerationAFAnalysisRuleBehaviors
The AFDataReferenceMethod is an enumeration of the possible methods which a data reference supports. It is returned by the AFDataReference.SupportedMethods property.
Public enumerationAFAnalysisRuleStatus
Status of an AFAnalysisRule
Public enumerationAFAnalysisServiceCalculationMode
Mode for queuing calculations on the analysis service.
Public enumerationAFAttributeVariableType
Enumeration indicates the type of an analysis rule variable.
Public enumerationAFCaseAFActiveTransferStatus
The active status of a transfer within a AFCase.
Public enumerationAFCaseAction
Specifies the AFCase action that caused the event.
Public enumerationAFPriority
Priority of an analysis
Public enumerationAFStatus
Status of an analysis.
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