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OSIsoft.AF.Data Namespace

The OSIsoft.AF.Data namespace provides a set of classes for obtaining data from assets within an organization.
Public classCode exampleAFAnnotation
The structured AFAnnotation object is used to read and create annotations associated with historical data events of an AFAttribute as well as to read and create annotations associated with asset based objects such as an AFEventFrame or AFElement.
Public classCode exampleAFAnnotations
A list of structured AFAnnotation objects associated with an historical data event.
Public classCode exampleAFCalculation
The static class AFCalculation provides mechanisms to evaluate expressions.
Public classCode exampleAFData
The AFData object is associated with a single AFAttribute and is used to retrieve and set extended historical data. It is accessed through the Data property of an AFAttribute.
Public classCode exampleAFDataCache
An AFDataCache manages a collection of AFAttributes via cache enabled AFData objects and will can automatically monitor for new data changes.
Public classAFDataLossException
Represents a data loss incident in a datapipe.
Public classCode exampleAFDataPipe
An AFDataPipe is a collection of AFAttribute objects that are signed up for data change events on the server.
Public classAFDataPipeEvent
A data pipe event used to represent changes to the PIPoint and AFAttribute objects delivered by the PIDataPipe and AFDataPipe classes.
Public classAFDataPipeEventWithChangeTime
A data pipe event used to represent changes to an AFAttribute object delivered by the PIDataPipe class, including the time at which the update occurred.
Public classAFDataPipeRangeDeletedEvent
A data pipe event used to represent removal of a range of data.
Public classAFDataPipeSignupEstablishedEvent
A data pipe event used to represent a previously suspended signup that has been established.
Public classAFDataPipeSignupSuspendedException
Represents a signup that cannot be completed currently but could become active in the future.
Public classAFDataPipeStatistics
Statistics for data pipe updates.
Public classAFDataPipeUpdateToken
The AFDataPipeUpdateToken contains the AFAttributes that could be affected when loading the specified changes.
Public classAFEventSource
The AFEventSource is a base class that can be used for data references which need to provide streaming events for an AFDataPipe.
Public classCode exampleAFListData
The AFListData object is associated with a AFAttributeList and is used to retrieve and set extended historical data for multiple attributes. It is accessed through the Data property of an AFAttributeList.
Public classAFTimeBasedEventSource
The AFTimeBasedEventSource is a base class that can be used for data references which do not natively support streaming events for an AFDataPipe but supports RecordedValues(AFTimeRange, AFBoundaryType, UOM, String, Boolean, Int32). AFTimeBasedEventSource periodically polls data from AFAttribute in the pipe and caches the result. When the GetUpdateEvents/GetObserverEvents of the pipe is called, AFTimeBasedEventSource extracts the events up to current time + EventHorizonOffset from its cache to be returned to the caller.
Public interfaceIAFDataProvider
An interface for providing cache-enabled AFData instances that can be used to generate inputs for calculations.
Public enumerationAFBoundaryType
Defines the behavior of data retrieval at the end points of a specified time range.
Public enumerationAFBufferOption
Indicates buffering option in updating values, when supported by the Data Reference.
Public enumerationAFCalculationBasis
Defines the possible calculation options when performing summary calculations over time-series data.
Public enumerationAFDataCacheUpdateOption
Specifies how AFDataCache update the data in the cache for the AFAttribute items the AFDataCache manages.
Public enumerationAFDataMethods
The AFDataMethods is an enumeration of the possible data methods which a data reference supports. It is returned by the AFAttribute.SupportedDataMethods and AFDataReference.SupportedDataMethods properties.
Public enumerationAFDataPipeAction
Specifies how the data for the PIPoint or AFAttribute associated with an AFDataPipeEvent was changed.
Public enumerationAFDataPipePreviousEventAction
Provides information about the previous data pipe events. Not every data source has information about previous data pipe events.
Public enumerationAFDataPipeType
Specifies the type of data change events generated by the PIDataPipe class.
Public enumerationAFDataPipeUpdateAction
Identifies the effect that updating items had on an AFDataPipe or AFDataCache signup.
Public enumerationAFEventHorizonMode
EventHorizonMode specifies what events are returned by the datapipe at the GetUpdateEvent/GetObserverEvents calls based on the timestamp of the events.
Public enumerationAFRetrievalMode
Defines the possible options for retrieving recorded values from an attribute.
Public enumerationAFSampleType
Defines the evaluation of an expression over a time range.
Public enumerationAFSummaryTypes
Flags to indicate which summary type calculation(s) should be performed.
Public enumerationAFTimestampCalculation
Defines the timestamp returned for a value when a summary calculation is done.
Public enumerationAFUpdateOption
Indicates how to treat duplicate values in the archive, when supported by the Data Reference.
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