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OSIsoft, LLC

OSIsoft.AF.Diagnostics Namespace

The OSIsoft.AF.Diagnostics namespace provides a set of diagnostic utility classes.
Public classAFAdmin
The AFAdmin class is used to perform administrative functions with the PI AF Server.
Public classAFAdminDiagnosticNames
Diagnostic names to be used with the values returned from the GetDiagnostics(PISystem) method.
Public classAFAuditTrail
Provides audit trail information for the requested PISystem.
Public classAFCache
This class caches certain AF objects and collections to prevent them from untimely garbage collection.
Public classAFStopwatch
A simpler and faster stop watch than System.Diagnostics.Stopwatch.
Public classCode exampleAFTrace
The AFTrace class provides a mechanism for generating trace events within the SDK to trace listeners.
Public structureCode exampleAFRpcMetric
This structure is used to represent the remote procedure call metrics of the server.
Public structureAFSession
This structure is used to represent a session on the PI AF Application Server.
Public interfaceIAFTrace
This interfaces provides a way for an object to implement object-level tracing.
Public enumerationAFAuditTrailAFOperation
Specifies the type of action that occurred in the PISystem at an event time.
Public enumerationAFTraceSwitchLevel
Specifies what output messages for the AFTrace class.
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