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OSIsoft.AF.EventFrame Namespace

The OSIsoft.AF.EventFrame namespace provides a set of classes for creating objects that have a starting and ending time.
Public classCode exampleAFEventFrame
The AFEventFrame is a class representing objects that frame an event with a StartTime and EndTime.
Public classCode exampleAFEventFrames
The collection of AFEventFrame objects.
Public classCode exampleAFTransfer
The AFTransfer object represents the transfer of material over a specified period of time between two elements.
Public structureAFDurationQuery
Event frame duration query structure.
Public enumerationAFEventFrameSearchMode
The event frame search mode is an enumeration of the possible values for specifying the search criteria for event frames from a time.
Public enumerationAFSeverity
The event frame severity can be used to designate the importance of an event.
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