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OSIsoft.AF.Modeling Namespace

The OSIsoft.AF.Modeling namespace provides a set of classes for creating a model of your plant assets and processes.
Public classCode exampleAFConnection
The AFConnection represents a connection between the AFPort objects of two AFBaseElement objects in a model.
Public classCode exampleAFConnections
The collection of AFConnection objects is maintained by an AFModel or AFCase.
Public classCode exampleAFLayer
A AFLayer provides a means within an AFModel for organizing elements for presentation purposes and/or specifying active elements when executing an analysis.
Public classCode exampleAFLayers
The collection of AFLayer objects.
Public classCode exampleAFModel
The AFModel is a logical grouping of elements and their relationship (or connectivity) to other elements within the model.
Public classCode exampleAFPort
The AFPort defines how connections can be made between AFBaseElement objects in a model.
Public classCode exampleAFPorts
The collection of AFPort objects is maintained by an AFElementTemplate.
Public enumerationAFPortType
This is an enumeration that defines the possible values used when you specify the type of a port. The AFPort.Type property uses the values of this enumeration.
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