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OSIsoft.AF.Time Namespace

The OSIsoft.AF.Time namespace provides a set of classes that relate to time functions.
Public classAFLocaleIndependentFormatProvider
An IFormatProvider that implements the locale independent format supported by the PI SDK.
Public classAFTimeRule
The AFTimeRule provides a way to create case time periods based on user supplied logic and configuration.
Public classAFTimeRuleSupportsChildTimeRuleAttribute Obsolete.
Attribute used on an AFTimeRule to indicate that it supports child time rules to be created under it.
Public classAFTimeRuleEvent
An event generated by a time rule
Public classAFTimeRuleEventArgs
The event arguments for a time rule event.
Public classAFTimeRuleEvents
A collection of events generated by time rules
Public classAFTimeRules Obsolete.
The collection of AFTimeRule objects is maintained by the an AFTimeRule.
Public classAFTimeZone
Represents information about a time zone.
Public classAFTimeZoneFormatProvider
An IFormatProvider that specifies a TimeZone to be used when parsing time strings.
Public structureCode exampleAFTime
AFTime is used to represent time and convert between various time formats.
Public structureAFTimeIntervalDefinition
Time interval definition structure.
Public structureCode exampleAFTimeRange
This structure represents a time range which is defined by a start time and an end time.
Public structureCode exampleAFTimeSpan
This is a structure which represents a time interval.
Public interfaceIAFTimePeriod
This interface defines the properties and methods for objects which support a time period.
Public interfaceIAFTimeSource
This interface defines the properties for objects which support a time source.
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