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OSIsoft.AF.UnitsOfMeasure Namespace

The OSIsoft.AF.UnitsOfMeasure namespace provides a set of classes for defining a units-of-measure system. This UOM system can be utilized to describe an attribute or value's unit of measure and to perform conversions from one unit to another unit.

There is a single units-of-measure database on a PISystem that is shared across all databases.

Public classCode exampleUOM
The unit-of-measure object describes the units of a value.
Public classUOMBaseClass
An object which contains the base UOMClass and its respective power to an existing UOMClass.
Public classUOMBaseClasses
A collection of base unit-of-measure classes (UOMBaseClass).
Public classCode exampleUOMClass
The unit-of-measure class (UOMClass) represents a group of units of measure and describes the fundamental dimensions of their measurements.
Public classCode exampleUOMClasses
The collection of UOMClass objects.
Public classCode exampleUOMDatabase
The UOMDatabase is the top-level object in the OSIsoft.AF.UnitsOfMeasure namespace which provides a set of classes for describing a value's unit of measure and for converting from one unit to another unit.
Public classCode exampleUOMGroup
The UOMGroup represents a group of UOM mappings.
Public classCode exampleUOMGroups
The collection of UOMGroup objects.
Public classCode exampleUOMs
A collection of unit-of-measure objects (UOM).
Public enumerationUOMOrigin
This enumeration defines the origin of how a UOM is defined.
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