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AFTimeZone Properties

The AFTimeZone type exposes the following members.

Public propertyBaseUtcOffset
Gets the time difference between the current time zone's standard time and Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
Public propertyStatic memberCurrentAFTimeZone
Returns the AFTimeZone representing the current time zone of the local computer system.
Public propertyDaylightName
Gets the localized display name for the current time zone's daylight saving time.
(Overrides TimeZoneDaylightName.)
Public propertyDisplayName
The localized general display name that represents the time zone.
Public propertyName
The invariant culture name of the time zone.
Public propertyStandardName
Gets the localized display name for the time zone's standard time.
(Overrides TimeZoneStandardName.)
Public propertySupportsDaylightSavingsTime
Get a value indicating whether the time zone has any daylight saving time rules.
Public propertyStatic memberUtcTimeZone
Returns the AFTimeZone representing Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) zone.
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