The PIArchiveEditor User Control

The archive value editor control (and dialog) allows the user to view, edit, insert and delete Recorded (Compressed) Values and Value Attributes for a selected tag.

The control provides the following user settable features and functions:

Most of the user controllable settings are also available programmatically via the public interface of the control. Additionally, the containers can limit the functionality by disallowing modifications and limiting the available servers.


An accompanying dialog form (OSIsoft.PISDK.Controls.PIArchiveEditDlg) is provided for your convenience. It is a shallow wrapper around the control with very little functionality. It provides a matching, but somewhat limited, public interface for programmatic control and access. The dialog is registered for COM interoperability, which makes it available for COM based hosts like VB6.

Details on how to use the PIArchiveEditor control and the associated dialogs can be found in the PISDKTools User reference.


What the control looks like in the Visual Studio.NET toolbox.


What the control looks like in an application (embedded in the accompanying dialog) .


When to Use the PIArchiveEditor Control/Dialog

This control can be used in situations where an application wishes to offer a simple graphical tool for archive value and value attribute  maintenance. The editor is not suited for massive or "intelligent" maintenance operations.

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