The PI-ServerPickList Control

A PI-ServerPickList control consists of a dropdown list of all PI Servers in the Known Servers Table. All servers displayed above the line are connected; all servers displayed below the line are disconnected. If there is only one server in the list, the line is not displayed. You may configure the control to establish a connection to a server when it is selected.

Note: the managed code PI Server pick list is mentioned here and provides similar functionality; Managed controls and dialogs.

What the control looks like in the Visual Basic toolbox.


What the control looks like in an application.


What the control looks like when the user is making a selection.


When to Use the PI-ServerPickList Control

This control allows a user to select and optionally connect to a PI Server using a minimum amount of screen real estate. It is a fundamental component of most forms that require the user to specify which PI Server to access.

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