About the PI Data Access Suite


OSIsoft’s PI Data Access suite of products is designed to support implementation of custom applications on top of the PI System, as well as integration of PI System data with other applications and business systems such as Microsoft Office or SQL Server, Enterprise Resource Planning systems (ERPs), web portals, and maintenance systems, just to name a few.

The PI Data Access suite of products covers a wide range of use cases in various environments, programming languages, operating systems and infrastructures. Products include:

Licensing for the PI Data Access products is divided into development and runtime licenses. Developers and integrators obtain development licenses for most PI Data Access components through their individual membership to the OSIsoft PI Developers Club program.

The PI System Access (PSA) license enables end users to access PI System data, including time-series data in PI Servers and asset metadata in PI AF Servers. PSA is a runtime license to access PI System data using any of the programmatic access methods or UI controls and dialogs licensed through the PSA, including PI SDK. For the latest licensing information, see the OSIsoft Web site or contact OSIsoft Technical Support.

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