1. Adding the PI-SDK Dialogs to Your Visual Basic Project

Programming with the PI-SDK Dialogs requires that a reference to the "PI-SDK Dialogs" be added to your Visual Basic project. References to the "PISDK 1.3 Type Library" and the "PISDKCommon 1.0 Type Library" may also be needed. To add a reference, select the Project/References menu and then pick the appropriate references from the list. The "PISDK 1.3 Type Library" is needed, for example, if the Servers object or any of the child objects of the Servers Object are needed in your code. The "PISDKCommon 1.0 Type Library" is needed, for example, to use a NamedValues collection.

Note: If "PISDKCommon 1.0 Type Library" and "PISDK 1.3 Type Library" are not listed as available references, you must first install PI-SDK version 1.2 or 1.3.

Once the references have been added to your Visual Basic project, the dialog methods can be browsed from the Visual Basic Object Browser, which is invoked from the View menu or by hitting the F2 function key. Contact-sensitive help can be invoked from the Object Browser by selecting the method of interested and hitting the F1 key. Each dialog that is shown at runtime has a help button. Click on this help button to get more information on how to actually use the dialogs.

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