This introduction provides an architectural overview of how the PI-SDK fits into various programming environments. A description and simplified view of the PI-SDK object model is also presented.

What is the PI-SDK?

The PI Software Development Kit (PI-SDK) is a programming library providing access to PI Servers. The software consists of ActiveX (COM) in-process servers, ActiveX and .Net controls, and "interops" for calling the library routines from Microsoft .Net languages. The kit comes with online documentation, example code, various support files, and tools.


The PI-SDK provides an object-oriented approach to program interaction with PI Systems. It delivers a hierarchical model of objects and collections representing the components of PI Servers. This approach provides for intuitive and efficient access.


PI-SDK applications run on 32 bit (x86) and 64 bit (x64, not Itanium) Windows platforms. Kits are available for developing both 32 bit and 64 bit applications. 32 bit PI-SDK applications also run on 64 bit Windows operating systems using the WOW64 emulator delivered with the O/S.  Based on Microsoft's Component Object Model (COM), the PI-SDK can be used with most Windows programming environments providing rapid development and deployment of PI applications.



The PI-SDK supports access to PI Server version 3.2.357 and above.

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