Programming with the PI-SDK involves many different disciplines: languages; objects; templates; frameworks; COM; Windows calls; O/S behaviors; registry entries; and so on. Some programming references that have proved useful during development and testing of the PI-SDK are listed below.

  1. Books:

    Advanced Windows
    By Jeffrey Richter
    Microsoft Press 1995


    Beginning ATL COM Programming
    By Grimes, Stockton, Reilly, and Templeman
    WROX Press 1998


    Effective C++

    Scott Meyers

    Addison Wesley 1997


    Essential COM
    By Don Box
    Addison-Wesley 1998


    Hard Core Visual Basic

    Second Edition

    Bruce McKinney

    Microsoft Press 1997


    Inside COM
    By Dale Rogerson
    Microsoft Press 1997


    Object Oriented Analysis and Design with Applications

    Second Edition

    By Grady Booch

    Benjamin Cummings 1994

    OLE Controls Inside Out

    Second Edition

    Adam Denning

    Microsoft Press 1997


  2. Web Sites:

    MSDN Library

    NewsGroup postings at  (now part of Google)

    1. Other:

    MSDN Magazine

    Microsoft MSDN Subscription

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