1. Restorer Objects

To restore an object from a persistence string, you need a corresponding Restorer Object. This object must implement the IPIRestorer Interface. It must be a registered COM object that is creatable.

The Class ID of the restorer object is part of the IPIPersist persistence string. The PIGlobalRestorer object parses this Class ID out of the persistence string and creates the appropriate restorer object. That object is handed the persistence string and does what it needs to do to restore the object from the string.

Restorer Objects to restore all the PI-SDK objects that support IPIPersist are installed along with the PI-SDK.

  1. IPIRestorer Interface

The IPIRestorer interface has two methods: RestoreObject and RestoreServers.

The RestoreObject method restores the object from the persistence string.

The RestoreServers method is provided to assist programs in determining which servers are required to restore the object or objects in the persistence string. If those servers are not yet configured, the application can prompt the user to configure them.

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