1. What are the PI-SDK Controls?

The PI-SDK Controls are ActiveX and .NET forms controls that are used with the PI-SDK to develop applications. These visual components may be dropped onto a Visual Basic and Visual Studio.NET form just like any other Visual Basic or .NET controls. Each control can be customized by calling its methods and setting its properties.

The following controls are distributed with the PISDK:

The following sections give an overview of these controls and how to use them. More detailed information is available online from the Visual Basic/VS.Net Object Browser. To view this information, open a project in Visual Basic/VS.Net, add a PI-SDK Control component using the Project/Components/References menu, and then select Object Browser from the View menu.

This section documents using the controls in Visual Basic 6. While these controls can be used with VB.Net, using the OSI supplied Interops, they must be created using code rather than simply dragging from the toolbox in that environment.

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