Checking the Installation

If you receive error messages while running the setup program, consult the setup log files as described earlier. Once the installation is completed without errors, the PI SDK operation may be verified by running the PISDK Utility program launched from the PISystem program menu. This program loads the PI SDK and presents the product version and installation location. The "About PISDK" screen also may be configured to show if any errors were detected in the log file, or if a configurable list of services are running as expected.

Additional detail may also be found using the File\Version menu option, which provides a list of file versions installed.

To check the ability to connect to a PI Server, select the Connections configuration to verify that a valid server is configured for which the current user has read accesss. Clicking the check box will connect to the PI Server to verify authentication to the selected PI Server. Additional verification may be obtained by selecting the "Snapshot Tool". A simple search string may be entered (Use F1 help for more detail) to verify access to the selected data.

Enabling Operational Intelligence