PI SDK Installation

A user typically installs the PI SDK by interactively running the setup program, setup.exe, provided on the installation media. The setup program presents a series of simple screens guiding the installation. This chapter provides detailed information useful for understanding the setup process, identifying the components of the installation, and resolving setup problems.

The PI SDK setup may also be run as part of another product's installation. The setup program is responsible for installing the PI SDK library files, the PI SDK Controls and Dialogs, the PI-API, PI communication components, and Windows system software as required.

The setup program must verify and install or upgrade several system level components using setup modules designed for this purpose. A setup module may contain one or more files that may be run as a separate installation but are launched by the master setup program to enforce prerequisites. These prerequisite setup modules are launched sequentially by the setup.exe program (the master setup) before the PI SDK installation. Verifying the installation of the prerequisites is enforced by the master setup program. During the installation process, system reboots may be required. After a reboot, the setup program is automatically restarted and continues with the setup process.

The setup module responsible for installing the PI SDK library uses the services of Microsoft Windows Installer. The PI SDK setup program will install or upgrade the Windows Installer itself if necessary.

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