Modifying the Setup Process

As described earlier, the setup.exe program is a wrapper that can launch a sequence of different installation modules. The components of the installation process, their order, and the arguments used to launch them are provided in a configuration file, setup.ini. By modifying this file, you can provide different command line arguments to different stages of the setup. This may be desirable for situations where the environment is well controlled and desired options are known in advance, such as an embedded installation.

This section describes the format of the setup.ini file and arguments that can be used to configure the installation of the PI SDK module portion of the setup process.

The setup.ini file shown below details the various steps the setup program will execute during the setup process.

DISPLAYNAME = PI Software Development Kit (PI SDK)
NUM = 4
1 = dotnet20Setup
2 = MSRuntimes.msi
3 = pisdk.msi
4 = pibufss.msi
4 = REBOOT=Suppress ALLUSERS=1 /qb
1 = TRUE

This SETUPMODULES section of the setup.ini file denotes two different modules installed and their order. The modules and their respective order are required and should not be modified. Additional sections define optional command line arguments, setup module version (if supported) and the name displayed by the setup wrapper for the corresponding numbered setup module.

The COMMANDLINE section of the file is used to provide arguments to the different module installations. To provide a command line argument to a module, you enter the module number and the desired argument(s) under this section. For example to pass a quiet mode option to the PISDKSetup:
2 = -qn PI_SERVER=triangle PI_USER=pidemo INSTALLDIR=d:\progra~1\pipc;

Note: In order to provide a true "silent" installation (no user prompts), see the section Silent Installations and PI SDK Redistribution.

Currently only the PI SDK Setup module accepts command line arguments. When this module is executed, the Windows Installer executable is always launched with the following arguments:

msiexec.exe -i pisdk.msi -l*v c:\setuppisdk.log

The -i option loads and runs the PI SDK setup module, pisdk.msi. The -l* option logs all Windows Installer messages.

These arguments may be augmented by adding any of the options in the section Setup Arguments and Their Meaning to the setup.ini file in the COMMANDLINE section as shown above.

Individual arguments must not contain spaces unless they are surrounded by quotes.

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