1. PI SDK Installation Path

Setup examines the system and attempts to determine a proper location for the files that it installs. PI client products are installed in subdirectories of a common directory, logically referred to as PIHOME.

If PI client products are already installed on a system, setup will find the PIHOME directory and install files in a subdirectory of the PIHOME tree called pisdk. If no existing PIHOME directory is found, setup will use a path provided as a command line argument in the setup.ini file (see "Modifying the Setup Process" below) as the PIHOME location. If no argument is passed, setup prompts to create a default directory on the local hard drive that contains the largest amount of free space; for example, C:\Program Files\PIPC\pisdk. The user may choose a different location in this case. Be sure to choose an area with plenty of disk space as both the PI-SDK and other PI applications will attempt to install under the PIHOME directory.

For the 32-bit PISDK, PIHOME is persisted into the pipc.ini file, while for the 64-bit PISDK, it is persisted into the registry.

For convenience when programming, the 32-bit PI SDK defines the environment variable PIHOME and the 64-bit PI SDK defines PIHOME64. When compiling C++ programs, these may be used to define the include and library paths necessary for compiling and linking.

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