PI SDK Installation Sequence

The installation sequence starts by using the setup.exe program which is in the base directory of the installation media. The setup program initiates steps to verify that the operating system and installed software are the minimum required versions before beginning. In order to ensure all system level components are installed, the setup.exe program should be started as an administrative user to succeed.

As recommended for all installations, programs that use the PI SDK should be stopped before installation in order to avoid required system reboots. Also, the pisdk.msi will attempt to detect most programs that are using components that it needs to install and will prompt for them to be stopped. If you do not reboot after the installation, or if these services are not configured to start automatically after a reboot, the services that were stopped will need to be manually restarted.

Setup.ini file

As described earlier, the setup.exe program launches a sequence of setup modules. The modules, their order, and execution arguments are specified in the file setup.ini accompanying the installation media. This file is delivered configured to perform a typical interactive installation. The setup.exe program allows an optional command line to specify a file different from setup.ini. The format of the command would be "setup.exe -f setup_myapp.ini" where setup_myapp.ini contains the altered setup sequence.

In some circumstances (for example, embedded installations), it may be desirable to modify this file to pass specific arguments to different stages of the overall setup process. This is discussed later in the section Modifying the Setup Process.

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