Uninstall and Repair

To uninstall or repair the PI SDK, use the Windows "Add/Remove Programs" (ARP) applet (appwiz.cpl). On Windows Vista and later operating systems the control panel ARP applet is now called "Programs and Features". Through the control panel ARP applet, there are two modes of uninstallation for the PI SDK. The standard uninstall (Remove option on Windows 2003 and previous operating systems) and the full uninstall accessed by the Change option (right-click the PI SDK program listing on Vista and later operating systems).

Standard Uninstall

The standard uninstall will remove the PI SDK and related PINS files without prompting for additional information. A progress dialog will be displayed while the uninstallation is processed. This standard uninstall will remove the PI SDK software but leave configuration information so that a subsequent installation will not need reconfiguration. The configuration that is retained includes the Known Servers Table (KST) and log files. The 32-bit PI SDK also retains the PI-API library, PI-API configuration files, the bufserv service and site specific script files for interfaces.

Full Uninstall

The full uninstall may be initiated by clicking on Change in the "Add/Remove Programs applet", then choosing to Remove the PI SDK in the subsequent dialog. The next dialog presents two options, to delete the KST ("remove the PI SDK Known Servers Table") and to remove the PI-API configuration data and files ("remove the pilogin.ini file") from the system. The first option applies only to the PI SDK KST if the PI-API removal is not selected. Selecting the second option will enable an additional option to confirm the removal of all supporting configuration files. If not confirmed, the PI-API configuration will not be removed. If confirmed, the configuration and log files of the PI SDK and PI-API will be removed.

During full uninstall on a system without a PI Server installed, a dialog requesting that the PI Network Manager (pinetmgr) service be stopped will appear. A button is provided to stop pinetmgr which must be stopped for the Next button to be enabled. The pinetmgr service may be stopped before installation using the control panel, services applet.

Installing a PI Server

If you are attempting to install a PI server on a box that previously had the PI SDK installed, the PI SDK must be removed before performing the PI server install. This will remove the PI Networking System (PINS) components. A standard uninstallation is adequate to allow the PI Server installation to proceed.


In order to repair the PI SDK installation, select the Change option in the control panel ARP dialog. This will present a radio button selection between repair and remove. Select repair and click the Next button. A dialog will show the success or failure status of the repair.

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