1. Typical PI SDK Setup Dialog Boxes

If PI client software has never been installed on your system, the following dialog box appears, asking you to enter information about the default PI Server. The name of the default PI Server should be a TCP/IP hostname. The value entered for Name here will appear as the Server.Path property and the Server.Name property in the PI-SDK .

If PI Server information was previously specified, this dialog box is skipped. In this situation, you should use an existing PI-SDK application that contains the connection manager common control such as the PISDKUtility program to modify information about the default PI Server.

Selecting the PI-SDK from the Add/Remove Programs applet of the Windows Control Panel brings up the following dialog box.

Select Repair to reinstall the PI-SDK . Select Remove to uninstall the PI-SDK from your machine.

If you choose to uninstall the PI-SDK , you have the option of removing registry entries that relate to information about PI Servers.

If you select the option to remove the pilogin.ini file you are prompted with the option to completely remove the PI-API and the PI-SDK from your machine.

Even if you do leave the registry entries and pilogin.ini, existing PI client programs (such as interfaces, PI ProcessBook, and PI-DataLink) will not function properly until you re-install the PI-SDK.

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