Buffering Errors

Functions which implement buffering internal to the PI-API return error codes in the range -150 to -190. The majority of these errors will not be returned to calling routines, though some may appear in the log files. The errors are reproduced here along with their symbolic definition and string description.

PIHOME\bin> pilogsrv -e -170
[-170] APIBUFFER: Buffer is full

Error Code Symbolic Name Description
-150 APIBUFERR_CREATEFILEMAPPING Unable to create shared memory under NT
-151 APIBUFERR_DOESNOTEXIST Failure to open shared memory that should already have been created by the server. It was not found.
-152 APIBUFERR_ALREADYEXISTS When creating shared memory, a shared memory object was found already created.
-153 APIBUFERR_MAPVIEW Error obtaining a memory handle for a shared memory region.
-154 APIBUFERR_MUTEXOPEN Error opening or creating a mutex
-155 APIBUFERR_FILEOPEN Error opening file
-156 APIBUFERR_FILEBUFDIR String buffer too small to hold directory path
-157 APIBUFERR_DIRTOOLONG Directory name exceeds buffer length
-158 APIBUFERR_FILEWRITE Error writing to a file
-159 APIBUFERR_FILEREAD Error reading from a file
-160 APIBUFERR_TRANSFERTOFILE Error transferring data from memory to file
-161 APIBUFERR_NEWISTRSTREAM Error creating a stream
-162 APIBUFERR_ACTIVATE Error activating an object
-163 APIBUFERR_PASSIVATE Error passivating an object
-164 APIBUFERR_BADEVENTTYPE Unrecognized event type
-165 APIBUFERR_EVENTGETVAL Unable to obtain a value from an event
-166 APIBUFERR_DISCONNECTED Server was disconnected
-167 APIBUFERR_SNAPSYSERR Snapshot returned a system error
-168 APIBUFERR_SNAPERR Snapshot returned a function error
-169 APIBUFERR_EMPTY Buffer is empty
-170 APIBUFERR_FULL Buffer is full
-171 APIBUFERR_BADLOC An invalid file location was found
-172 APIBUFERR_BADBUFFERSTATUS An unrecognized buffer status was encountered
-173 APIBUFERR_INIFILE Problem reading piclient.ini file
-174 APIBUFERR_SHMEMCREATE Error creating shared memory
-175 APIBUFERR_SHMEMOPEN Error opening shared memory
-176 APIBUFERR_FILESPACE Insufficient space on disk to create a file of the maximum buffer size
-177 APIBUFERR_FILECREATE Error creating a file
-178 APIBUFERR_PIPCINI PIPC.INI file was not found. Windows NT
-179 APIBUFERR_BLOCKFULL Attempt to add an event to a full event block
-181 APIBUFERR_TEMPDIR Error obtaining the PIHOME directory
-182 APIBUFERR_FILEFULL Buffer file would exceeded its specified limit
-183 APIBUFERR_SETVALUE Error setting a value in an object
-184 APIBUFERR_SERVERNOTRUNNING The memory server is not running
-185 APIBUFERR_UNKNOWNEVENTSOURCE An event was processed whose function source is not recognized
-186 APIBUFERR_FILECORRUPT APIBUF.dat file is corrupt and cannot be properly accessed
-187 APIBUFERR_NOMGRPTR Buffer server manager pointer is not valid or present

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