Archive Functions

Archive Functions provide a means of examining and modifying values in the PI Data Archive database. The PI-API contains the following Archive Functions:

Function Description
piar_calculation Retrieve evenly spaced events based on calculation expressions
piar_compvalues Retrieve compressed Archive data
piar_compvaluesfil Retrieve filtered, compressed Archive data

Delete an Archive value

piar_interpvalues Retrieve sampled (evenly spaced) Archive data
piar_interpvaluesfil Retrieve filtered, sampled (evenly spaced) Archive data
piar_panvalues Retrieve the time of an event a specified number of events from a reference time
piar_plotvalues Retrieve Archive data appropriate for plotting

Put a value in the Archive

piar_replacevalue Replace an existing value in the Archive
piar_summary Return a calculated Archive value: total, minimum, maximum, stdev, range, mean, or average
piar_timedvalues Retrieve Archive data for specified times
piar_timedvaluesfil Retrieve filtered Archive data for specified times
piar_timefilter Return the amount of time an expression was true
piar_value Retrieve an Archive value for a specific time
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