Extended PITime Functions

Functions for setting and retrieving the PITIMESTAMP structure are the following:

Function Description
pitm_getpitime Obtains a PI System for OpenVMS time from a PITIMESTAMP structure. Fraction of second returned optionally.
pitm_getutctime Obtains a double precision UTC time from a PITMESTAMP structure.
pitm_isdst Determines whether a timestamp value represents a time during daylight savings time (DST) or standard time (ST)
pitm_setcurtime Populates a PITIMESTAMP structure with the current time. Use a passed flag to indicate whether or not fractions of one second should be included.
pitm_setdst Populates the tzinfo structure member of PITIMESTAMP with information indicating Daylight Savings Time or Standard Time.
pitm_setpitime Populates a PITIMESTAMP structure with the passed PI System for OpenVMS time. Fraction of second passed through a separate argument.
pitm_settime Populates a PITIMESTAMP structure with the passed time components (for example, year, month, day, hour, minute and second.
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