Point Caching Functions

Point caching functions provide a way to allow an application to retrieve point information from a local cache file with or without a valid connection to the host PI Server. The PI-API contains the following point caching functions:

Function Description
picm_closecache Close the active cache file.
picm_deletecache Delete the active cache file.
picm_getcachefilename Return the point cache and digital cache file names.
picm_getpointrecord Return the cached point record for a given point in the cache file.
picm_iscachebuildcomplete Return whether or not the cache build is marked as complete (TRUE or FALSE).
picm_iscachevalid Return the validity of the point cache and digital cache files (TRUE or FALSE).
picm_isconnectedtoserver Return whether or not the connection to the server is valid (TRUE or FALSE).
picm_opencache Create or open the point cache and digital cache files.
picm_pointcount Return the point count of the point cache file.
picm_pointlist Return a list of point IDs found in the point cache file.
picm_removepoint Remove a point from the point cache file.
picm_serverupdates Return a single cache point update to the caller if one is available.
picm_setcachebuildcomplete Mark the cache file as complete.
picm_synchronizecache Synchronize the point cache and digital cache files and update the PI Server version stored in the cache.

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