Point Database Functions

Point Database Functions retrieve PI point attributes. The PI-API contains the following Point Database Functions:

Function Description
pipt_compspecs Retrieve a point's compression specifications in scaled units (pipt_compspecseng is the preferred routine.)
pipt_compspecseng Retrieve a point's compression specifications in engineering units
pipt_dates Retrieve a point's creation and change dates and the names of the changers
pipt_descriptor Retrieve a point's descriptor
pipt_digcode Retrieve a digital state code corresponding to a passed digital state string
pipt_digcodefortag Retrieve a digital state code for a specified digital state string in the range of a tag’s digital state pointers
pipt_digpointers Retrieve a point's digital state pointers
pipt_digstate Retrieve a digital state string for a specified digital state code
pipt_displaydigits Retrieve the recommended display accuracy for a point.
pipt_engunitstring Retrieve a point's engineering unit string
pipt_engunstring Retrieve an engineering unit string for a passed engineering unit code
pipt_excspecseng Retrieve a point's exception specifications in engineering units
pipt_exdesc Retrieve a point's extended descriptor
pipt_findpoint Find the point number of a specified tagname or long tagname
pipt_inprocbits Retrieve a point's archive and compression flags and filter code
pipt_instrumenttag Retrieve a point’s instrument tag
pipt_location Retrieve a point's location parameters
pipt_nextptwsource Retrieve the next point with a specified point source
pipt_pointid Retrieve a point's id
pipt_pointsource Retrieve a point's point source
pipt_pointtype Retrieve a point's type (R, I, or D)
pipt_ptexist Determine whether a specified point exists
pipt_recordtype Retrieve a point's record type
pipt_rescode Retrieve a point's resolution code
pipt_scale Retrieve a point's zero and span
pipt_scan Retrieve a point's scan flag
pipt_signupforupdates Sign process up for point updates
pipt_sourcept Retrieve a point’s source point
pipt_squareroot Retrieve a point's square root code
pipt_tag Retrieve a point's tagname
pipt_taglong Retrieve a point's long tagname
pipt_tagpreferred Retrieve a point's long tagname if defined, else tagname.
pipt_totalspecs Retrieve a point's total code and conversion factor
pipt_typicalvalue Retrieve a point's typical value
pipt_updates Check for point updates
pipt_userattribs Retrieve a point’s user defined attributes.
pipt_wildcardsearch Executes an alphabetical search for points based on a passed tag mask. Matches tagnames and long tagnames.

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