Utility Functions

Utility Functions provide connection services and information. This group of functions is the "catch all" for miscellaneous PI-API functions. The PI-API contains the following Utility Functions:

Function Description
piut_connect Establish a remote connection with the pi Server
piut_disconnect Close all remote connections with PI Servers
piut_disconnectnode Close remote connection with passed node
piut_getapiversion Get the current API version number
piut_getprofile Get a value for an entry and section in an initialization file
piut_getprotocolvers Get the PI Server protocol version
piut_getserverversion Obtain version information about the current server
piut_inceventcounter Increment an event counter
piut_ishome Determines if this is a pi home node
piut_login* Gain access to protected PI data
piut_netinfo Get local network information
piut_netnodeinfo Get network information for the passed node name
piut_netserverinfo Get network information for the default server
piut_setdefaultservernode Set the current server to the default server
piut_setprocname Set the process name to specified name
piut_setservernode Set the current server to a specified node
piut_writeprofile Write a value for an entry and section into an initialization file
piut_zeroeventcounter Zero an event counter


* - not supported by PI API 2016 for Windows Integrated Security


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