The count , start time in times[0] , end time in times[count-1] , and filter expression are passed to obtain an array of sampled Archive events. Interpolated values are used for resolution codes 1, 2, and 3 while the previous value is returned for resolution code 4 points. If there are two events for a single time, the first event in the Archive is returned. For points which are not of type real, rvals is meaningless and the value is returned in istats . For requests which require interpolation, the values are first interpolated over the specified time range and the results are then filtered. If sequential events fail the filter, only one Filtered (-244) status is returned for the sequence.

C format

int32 piar_interpvaluesfil(

int32 pt,

int32 PIPTR * count,

int32 times[],

float rvals[],

int32 istats[],

char PIPTR * expression );



System error



Bad point number


Bad time and date


Invalid count parameter


Expression Parsing Error


Network Error


pt (passed)

Point number

count (passed, returned)

Number of values

times (passed, returned)

Time stamps of values

rvals (returned)

Values in engineering units

istats (returned)

Integer or status values

expression (passed)

Expression string

Usage Notes

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