This function returns events from the Archive for the passed point number, start time, times[0], and end time, times[count-1]. It returns a list of events for plotting in intervals time sections. intervals should be the number of screen pixels in the time direction.

The events are returned as a time, a real value, and an integer status in chronological order. For points which are not of type real, the value is returned in istats and rvals is meaningless.

The maximum number of values to return is passed in count. The number actually returned is returned in this same variable. The maximum number of values that may be returned is five times intervals.

The five possible values for an interval represent the start, the end, the highest, the lowest and at most one additional exception point. If any of the values are duplicates they are omitted.

C format

int32 piar_plotvalues(

int32 pt,

int32 intervals

int32 PIPTR * count,

int32 times[],

float rvals[],

int32 istats[] );



System error



Bad point number


No data for this point during the specified time range


Bad time stamp


Count too small


Invalid count parameter


Message too big for PINET protocol


Memory allocation error


pt (passed)

Point number

intervals (passed)

Number of plot intervals (pixels per plot)

count (passed, returned)

Number of values

times (passed, returned)

Time stamps of values

rvals (returned)

Values in engineering units

istats (returned)

Integer or status values

Usage Notes

Enabling Operational Intelligence