This function returns the point cache and digital cache file names.

C format

int32 picm_getcachefilename(

char * pszPtCache,

int32 nPtCacheLen,

char * pszDgtlCache,

int32 nDgtlCacheLen );





Truncated filename


No cache file for current host


pszPtCache (returned)

Point cache name buffer

nPtCacheLen (passed)

Length of the passed point cache name buffer

pszDgtlCache (returned)

Digital cache name buffer

nDgtlCacheLen (passed)

Length of the passed digital cache name buffer

Usage Notes

The caller of this function must have previously called picm_opencache to open the cache file and piut_setservernode to set the PI Server if a call to piut_setservernode had been made since the initial call to picm_opencache.

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