This function returns the cached point record for a given point in the cache file.

C format

int32 picm_getpointrecord(

int32 nPointId,(

struct SPointRecord * pRecord );





Point not found


Point id does not match point id found in cache file


System error


Bad pointer


Invalid cache file


No cache file for current host


nPointId (passed)

Point number

pRecord (returned)

Cached point record

Usage Notes

The caller of this function must have previously called picm_opencache to open the cache file and piut_setservernode to set the PI Server if a call to piut_setservernode had been made since the initial call to picm_opencache.

The struct SPointRecord is defined in ptcache.h as follows:

#define PTATTR_BUFF_LEN 1024 /* Maximum point attribute length */

struct SPointRecord


int32 m_arrLocation[5];

char m_cPointType;

float m_fConvers;

float m_fTypicalvalue;

float m_fSpan;

float m_fUserReal1;

float m_fUserReal2;

float m_fZero;

short m_nArchiving;

int32 m_nChangeDate;

short m_nCompDev;

int32 m_nCompMax;

int32 m_nCompMin;

short m_nCompressing;

int32 m_nCreationDate;

short m_nDisplayDigits;

short m_nEngUnits;

short m_nExcDev;

short m_nExcMax;

short m_nExcMin;

short m_nFilterCode;

int32 m_nPointId;

short m_nScan;

int32 m_nSourcePoint;

short m_nSquareroot;

short m_nTotalCode;

int32 m_nUserInt1;

int32 m_nUserInt2;

char m_szChanger[8];

char m_szCreator[8];

char m_szDescriptor[PTATTR_BUFF_LEN+1];

char m_szExDesc[PTATTR_BUFF_LEN+1];

char m_szInstrumentTag[PTATTR_BUFF_LEN +1];

char m_szPointsource[PTATTR_BUFF_LEN + 1];

char m_szTagname[PTATTR_BUFF_LEN+1];


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