This function returns the validity of the point and digital cache files.

C format

PIBOOL picm_iscachevalid(

pibool * pbPtCacheValid,

pibool * pbDgCacheValid );



Both cache files valid


No cache file or one or more cache files invalid


pbPtCacheValid (returned)

Point cache valid

pbDgCacheValid (returned)

Digital cache valid

Usage Notes

The caller of this function must have previously called picm_opencache to open the cache file and piut_setservernode to set the PI Server if a call to piut_setservernode had been made since the initial call to picm_opencache.

The function returns false if the cache file does not exist or if either of the point cache and digital cache files is invalid.

Note: Cache files will become invalid if the caching manager in the PI API determines the cache is corrupt. If this function returns false after a cache file has been opened, the user should close then reopen the cache with the desired cache initialization option.

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