This function returns a list of point ids found in the point cache file.

C format

int32 picm_pointlist(

int32 pList[],

uint32 nListSize,

uint32 * pnPointCount,

pibool bSorted );





Bad pointer


Invalid cache file


No cache file for current host


pList (returned)

Array of int32 to hold point ids.

nListSize (passed)

Size of pList.

pnPointCount (returned)

Returned point count.

bSorted (passed)

Sort point id. True returns the point id is increasing order. False returns the point id order stored on disk.

Usage Notes

The caller of this function must have previously called picm_opencache to open the cache file and piut_setservernode to set the PI Server if a call to piut_setservernode had been made since the initial call to picm_opencache.

The caller can determine the required array size to handle all the points by calling picm_pointcount.

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