This function marks the cache file as being complete.

C format

int32 picm_setcachebuildcomplete( void );





PIstatus error


Bad pointer


Cache file pointer is NULL


Invalid cache file


No cache file for current host



Usage Notes

The caller of this function must have previously called picm_opencache to open the cache file and piut_setservernode to set the PI Server if a call to piut_setservernode had been made since the initial call to picm_opencache.

This function should be called once, after the application has accessed all of its points. A cache file marked as complete will always be considered complete.

Note: Marking the cache as complete is necessary to obtain the maximum benefit of the caching configuration. If the cache is not marked as complete, then calls to pipt_nextptwsource and pipt_nextptwsourcelong will always make a network call to the PI Server to retrieve the next point. Call picm_setcachebuildcomplete to allow calls pipt_nextptwsource and pipt_nextptwsourcelong to retrieve the next point from the cache files.

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