pilg_ formputlog

This routine sends a message to the local log file. The logged message consists of the calling application name, an identifying string passed by the user and the message.

C format

PIINT32 pilg_formputlog(

char PIPTR *msg, 

char PIPTR *idstring); 






msg (passed)

Null-terminated message string

idstring (passed)

User supplied identification string.

Usage Notes

The process name or process identification number (if the API is unable to determine the name) is automatically logged with each message. An additional idstring is allowed.

The message will be truncated at 1000 bytes.

For example, idstring is "PI-API" and process name is "bufserv.exe" in the following message.

09-Jun-99 09:27:53

bufserv.exe>PI-API> APIBUFFER: Starting buffer server.

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