This function sends a message to the local message log.

C format

int32 pilg_putlog(

char PIPTR * msg );



Error opening file.



msg (passed)

Null terminated message string

Usage Notes

The strings sent to the message log should include information to distinguish it from the other messages in the log, typically the program name.

The name and location of the PI Message Log is unique to the platform on which the API is implemented. On Microsoft Windows and Windows NT the file is called pipc.log and is put either in the dat subdirectory of the directory pointed to by the pipc.ini file’s PIHOME entry or in the temp directory as defined in the environment. Under UNIX the file is called pimesslogfile and is found in the dat subdirectory of the directory identified by the PIHOME environment variable. On OpenVMS the log file is identified by the logical PILOGFILE and is typically in pisysmgr:pimesslog.txt

Note: The message should not exceed 1000 characters.

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