This function sends a message to one or more destinations based on a passed flag. The message may be sent to the PI message log by specifying MSGLOG or to the standard output by specifying STDOUTPUT. To send the message to both locations, logically ‘OR’ the two together.

C format

int32 pilg_putoutput(

char PIPTR * msg,

int32 flags);



Error opening log file.



msg (passed)

Null terminated message string

flags (passed)

A flag or series of flags which specify the output directions (see flags below)

Usage Notes

Any combination of these two flags may be used to specify the output message destination(s). The STDOUTPUT destination is not supported under Microsoft Windows. On those platforms the messages are sent to the log file.

/* pilg_putoutput defines */

#define MSGLOG 0x1

#define STDOUTPUT 0x2

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