This function retrieves the point creation date, the login name of the account from which the point was added to the system, the date of the last time the passed point was edited from the point data file on disk, and the login name of the account from which the last edit was executed.

C format

int32 pipt_dates(

int32 pt,

int32 PIPTR * creationdate,

char PIPTR * creator,

int32 crlen,

int32 PIPTR * changedate,

char PIPTR * changer,

int32 chlen );



System error




Point does not exist


pt (passed)

Point number

creationdate (returned)

Point creation date in seconds since 1970

creator (returned)

PI or VMS name of person who created this tag

crlen (passed)

Length of the creator character buffer being passed

changedate (returned)

The last time the point attributes were edited in seconds since 1970

changer (returned)

Login name of the last person to change any point attributes

chlen (passed)

Length of the changer character buffer being passed

Usage Notes

Enabling Operational Intelligence