This function returns the point number for the given tagname. The tagname may be a long tagname or tagname. If found, the matching tagname in Point Database format is returned: tagnames are returned with delimiters and always 12 characters long; long tagnames are returned in upper case.

C format

int32 pipt_findpoint(

char PIPTR * tagname,

int32 PIPTR * pt );



System error




Passed tag is all spaces


Tag not found, or not yet connected to a server


tagname (passed, returned)

Tagname (null terminated and returned in uppercase)

pt (returned)

Point number

Usage Notes

It is the calling routine's responsibility to ensure the tagname buffer is large enough for the returned tagname. Tagnames are 12 characters long, long tagnames are up to 80 characters long. When the PI-API connects to a Server, it determines if long tag names are supported. Before a connection is made it is assumed that long tagnames are not supported. Because of this, calling pipt_findpoint before establishing a server connection will return -5 if the passed tagname contains more than 12 characters.

PI API 2016 for Windows Integrated Security

pipt_findpoint() has been enhanced to support long tag names greater than 80 characters. It now supports tag names up to 4098 characters.

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