This function removes the points in the passed list from the list of points which are reported to this process by routine pisn_evmexceptions. Use this routine if you wish to stop receiving exception reports for some tags.

C format

int32 pisn_evmdisestablish(

int32 PIPTR * count,

int32 PIPTR * pts );



System error




Count is < 0


Point number out of range


No points established


Some points not disestablished (Count returns the number actually disestablished)


count (passed, returned)

Passed with the maximum number of points to disestablish, and returned with the actual number disestablished

pts (passed)

This is the list of point numbers to disestablish. If any point number does not exist, the function returns -76 and count is the number of points disestablished. Count is the number of points disestablished when the function returns a system error code.

Usage Notes

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