This function signs up for exception reports for each of the passed point numbers. Use function pisn_evmexceptions to see if any new values have been received for points established with this routine.

C format

int32 pisn_evmestablish(

int32 PIPTR * count,

int32 PIPTR * pts );



System error




Count is < 0


Point number out of range


No room for more programs requesting exceptions


No room for this many points for this list


No room for more points


count (passed, returned)

Passed with the maximum number of points to establish, and returned with the actual number established

pts (passed)

This is the list of point numbers to establish. If any point number does not exist, no points are established.

Usage Notes

The limit on the number of points a program can establish is one-fourth the maximum number of points for a PI 2 system. There is no limit on the number of points allowed for a PI 3 system.

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