This function retrieves the most recent values sent to the pi System for an array of points. The snapshot values in engineering units, status codes, times, dates, and errors are returned in the passed parallel arrays. If the point type is not real, the value is returned in istat and the rval argument is returned as 0.

C format

int32 pisn_getsnapshots(

int32 PIPTR * pt

float PIPTR * rval,

int32 PIPTR * istat,

int32 PIPTR * timedate,

int32 PIPTR * error,

int32 count );



System error




Point not found


pt (passed)

Array of point numbers

rval (returned)

Array of values in engineering units, undefined for integer and digital points

istat (returned)

Array of statuses for type real points and values for integer and digital points

timedate (returned)

Array of time stamps

error (returned)

Array of error codes


Size of the arrays

Usage Notes

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