This function sends a value to the Snapshot and Archive. For real points, rval should contain the value in engineering units and istat should be zero unless the point is bad. If the point is bad, istat should contain the status code which corresponds to the appropriate string in the digital state table. The code may be positive or negative. See the discussion in Sending and Retrieving Values from PI. For integer points and digital points, rval is ignored. If timedate is zero, the server time and date are used. This function executes scaling, filtering, and compression as required. If buffering is enabled and a timedate of zero is passed, local time synchronized with the last known server time is used.

C format

int32 pisn_putsnapshot(

int32 pt

float rval,

int32 istat,

int32 timedate );



System error




Point does not exist


Time is after the current time or less than 0


Illegal status or integer value


No write access - secure object (UNIX or NT archives only)


state not found (bad istat)


pt (passed)

Point number

rval (passed)

Value in engineering units for real type points

istat (passed)

Status for real type points and value for integer and digital points

timedate (passed)

Time stamp

Usage Notes

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