This function is the same as pisn_sendexcepstruc except it allows you to pass a structure and use snapshot queueing..

C format

int32 pisn_sendexcepstrucq(

int32 pt,

char type,


int32 PIPTR *count,

pibool queueing,

int32 PIPTR *numbpterrs,




System error




Point does not exist


Time is after the current time or less than 0


Illegal status or integer value


pt (passed)

Point number

type (passed)

PI point type (R, I, or D)

excpt (passed, returned)

This is the structure which replaced the long list of parameters in pisn_sendexceptions. Refer to that documentation for further information.

count (returned)

Number of values sent to PI: 0, 1, or 2

queueing (passed)

Queue data before sending to PI (0, 1 or FALSE, TRUE)

numbpterrs (returned)

Number of points which had putsnapshot errors.

qerrs (returned)

Array of point error structures of size 255 filled with numbpterrs values.

Usage Notes

The PI_EXCEPT structure is processed for exceptions and if the queueing flag is set, the values which pass the exception test are queued until a pinet message is filled, or a pisn_flushputsnapq call is made.

The qerrs array may be filled with up to 255 QERROR returns. It must be allocated and passed into the function call.

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