This function returns an estimate of the server UTC time without placing a network call to the PI Server each time it is called. It returns the current UTC  time plus the offset between the server time and the local system time. The function periodically updates the offset. When the current server time is needed frequently, this function should be used instead of pitm_servertimeutc. The sub-second portion is included.

C format

int32 pitm_fastservertimeutc(

float64 PIPTR * servertime );


Current server utc time in PI format. Returns a time value of 0 if there is a problem.


servertime (returned)

The server UTC time. The sub-second portion is included.


Usage Notes

You must connect to a server prior to calling this function for the first time. When connecting to multiple servers, you must call piut_setservernode or pilg_setservernode successfully before calling this function to ensure the time returned is from the proper server.

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